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Demre, Antalya, Turkey

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Tour type: Daily Tour
Duration: Full day
Maximum number of people: 15
Location: Antalya, Myra Kekova, Turkey
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Demre Myra Kekova Tour
Location: Demre – Antalya | Turkey

Myra St.Nicholas Church, Sunken City Kekova
Simena Castle, Sunken City Kekova

The ancient Lycian ruins of Myra are breathtaking and highly unusual in appearance. City of Myra was once the capital city of the Lycian people. The city have been built into the rock outstandingly ornate high above tombs. Ancient monuments of rock-cut architecture are widespread in several regions of world.

We will see that our ancestors mastered sophisticated rock-cut architecture creating dwellings, tombs and temples that are truly a wonder of all time.

The impressive site boasts thick defensive walls as well as a largely restored amphitheatre and the Lion’s tomb, or Painted tomb, with 11 life sized figures depicted on the inside walls. Large rocks with extensive carvings of animals and grotesque faces lay scattered about the site. Myra was once a much larger site containing the grandiose temple of the Goddess of Artemis Eleuthera.

Lycian Way Trekking Path
Myra connected by Turkey’s first long distance hiking trail, The Lycian Way.

St. Nicholas Church
During the time of St Nicholas who endeavored to remove all trace of paganism from the land. The Church of St Nicholas is located in Demre, it was once served as a resting place to the saint.

Sunken City Kekova
Beyond its cultural features, Kekova shows very significant geological formations, ondulated coastal line, hydrobiological features and scenic beauty of the area form an outstanding quality.

Kekova is ancient and mysterious sunken city in gorgeous turquoise sea. The geological movements of the Island caused the city on the Island to be submerged, creating a strange scene with half of the city under water and half above.

During trip we will have boat tours to look out over the water to see the remains of a once flourishing city now completely underwater. The region has become quite popular with visitors due to its stunning natural and cultural beauty.

The ancient city of Simena dates back to to 4th centery BC. Located between Demre and Kaş on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Simena catle “Kaleköy” faces to the island of Kekova. Usualy reached by boat from the sea but also you can hike to from Üçağız.

Simena offers breathtaking views for the travellers.

Demre Myra Kekova Tour
Our custom made tour is far from the rush. It is a tour that offers “one to one” conversation with the guide. Our tour is flexible, there is no time limit where you are related. The program is the most enjoyable and comfortable way.

Our tours continue on the determined days. For current status and booking, please inquire.

Demre Myra Kekova Tour

The tours are organized within the regular program prepared for the groups. In our tours, we offer a friendly, self-sacrificing and comfortable environment where guests feel the best. We guarantee our guests satisfaction.

Please contact us for private tour and your special request.

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Participants: Maximum 15 people
Coach: Non-smoking, A/C
Language: English

Price included: Professional guiding, transportations, parking fee, highway charges, petrol, boat tour.
Price not included: Entrance fees.

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