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Altınbeşik Mağarası Milli Parkı, İbradı/Antalya, Turkey

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Tour type: Daily Tour
Duration: Full day
Maximum number of people: 15
Location: Antalya
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Altinbesik Cave Tour
Location: Ormana – Ibradi / Antalya | Turkey

Altinbesik Cave is one of the most unusual subterranean lakes in the world. It was developed on three levels, and the bottom and middle levels are active in the rainy seasons, and the upper level is always dry. The lowest level is still active with an underground river, rimstone pools and waterfalls. That is the reason why it is sometimes called Altinbesik Waterfalls.

The Altınbeşik Cave acts as an underground stream which releases water which has collected underground. In the autumn there are many stationary ponds, and in the spring, many streams flow from the sub and middle levels of the cave. In the upper level, there are stalactites and stalagmites.

The Altinbesik Cave is visited from the resurgence by boat, until a travertine barrier, a rimstone 44 m high, is reached. The first cave lake is 125 m long and up to 9 m deep, and it is followed by a part with many formations. The entrance portal is 40 m wide and 40 m high. Altinbesik Cave’s highest point is 101 meters high.

The underground lake accumulates the source waters of the Manavgat River before it transforms into a river and it is a true natural wonder that can also be traversed by boat. The Altinbesik Cave Lake is part of the submerged waters of Lake Gembos.

The water discharged from Manavgat River has carved out anatural bridge in the cave and unusual formations in Altinbesik Cave walls document and demonstrate the power of this flow. Moreover, the rich flora around the cave and karst topography Altinbesik wild beauty of the landscape values constitute the National Park.

Button Houses Ormana İbradı Antalya
We able to appreciate some truly spectacular mountain scenery this must surely be one of the most beautiful roads in Turkey.  Easily walk right round the village in an hour.

A historic village composed of unique button houses (ORMANA – DÜĞMELİ EVLER) Ormana is considered as one of the most preserved villages in Turkey, located in the southwestern city of Antalya, at an altitude of 700 meters above the sea level, contains unique houses built from limestone, tar and juniper timber without using mortar or nails. There is a chestnut tree over one thousand years old.

Altinbesik Cave Tour
Our custom made tour is far from the rush. It is a tour that offers “one to one” conversation with the guide. Our tour is flexible, there is no time limit where you are related. The program is the most enjoyable and comfortable way.

Our tours continue on the determined days. For current status and booking, please inquire.

Altinbesik Cave Tour

The tours are organized within the regular program prepared for the groups. In our tours, we offer a friendly, self-sacrificing and comfortable environment where guests feel the best. We guarantee our guests satisfaction.

Please contact us for private tour and your special request.

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Participants: Maximum 15 people
Coach: Non-smoking, A/C
Language: English

Price included: Professional guiding, transportations, parking fee, highway charges, petrol, entrance fees.

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