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    Must-Do Things

    Enjoy the turquoise coves with boat tours.

    Ascend the Tahtali Moutain(2365 m above from sea level) summit with the Olympos Aerial Tram.

    Starting from Liman Street walk until the Moonlight Beach and Marina, be part of the City.

    Enjoy the bicyle routes starting from mountains to the mediterranean sea.

    Track down the history in Phaselis Ancient City and go on a journay in the past.

    Taste the mediterranean and traditional foods in beautiful restaurants.

    With Jeep Safari explore the Tahtali Mountain and flatlands.

    See the immortal fire of Chimera.

    Dive into Üç Adalar and world famous Paris Ship sunk in I.World War.

    Try canyoning in Canyon Göynük and Bosphorus Kesme.

    Visit the Nomad Theme Park and explore closely their culture while tasting traditional foods.

    Track the beautiful trekking routes and explore the beautiful flatlands and mountains of Kemer.

    Need some adrenaline ? Try paragliding from the summit of Tahtali Moutain.

    Take a selfie with the Kemer Clock Tower in Republic Square.

    Explore the Kemer’s Nightlife and have fun in famous night clubs.


    Kemer is a perfect place both for amateur and professional climbers and has 250 climbing routes with 10 different climbing sectors. Especially Olympos attracts lots of holidaymakers each year who like to explore Kemer from up above.

    Twin Peaks

    Twin Peaks are volcanic rocks located close to Kemer. It is a popular place for professional climbers and known as a compelling route.


    Offroad Safari

    Offroad Safari is one of the most popular activities that holidaymakers do during their holiday in Kemer. It is possible to arrange tours from travel agencies in Kemer and because of the unique nature and easiness of the access to safari routes it is most preferable activity for holidaymakers along with yacht tour. On the safari routes, there are also a lot of restaurants, bestly known with fishery and meat products which is the another reasons to make offroad safari a must-do activity.

    Horse Riding

    Meeting point of horse riders from all ages in Turkey and one of the competent and respectful Riding Center of Europe, Kemer invites you to try a unique riding experience in the heart of the nature.

    Places You Can Ride In Kemer ;

    Hotel Oranj Ranch Kemer

    Located in the orange garden with 10.000 m2  length where Tahtali Mountain meets with sea, Hotel Oranj serves in Çamyuva, region of Kemer open for Tourism since 1992, and has 18 rooms, 12 bungalows, a  playground for children and mini zoo. Arab horses, haflinger horses, ponies along with Turkish horses are some of our horses which you can experience in a 1500 m2  terrain. Our ranch is 50 km away from Antalya Airport, 7 km from Kemer Center and 800 m to Çamyuva Shorline.

    Viverde Hotel Berke Ranch Kemer

    The Berke Ranch International Horseback Riding Club Hotel is a place where all of the natural beauty of the Mediterranean can be found in one place. It is a very exclusive retreat that will awaken the desire to breathe the fresh air in the pine-covered foothills of Tahtalı Peak, the second highest mountain in the Taurus mountain range, 50 km from Antalya, 6 km from Kemer and 2.5 km from the sea. Twin Peaks (İkiz Tepeler) is a volcanic natural wonder that has come to symbolize the area and is surrounded by orange groves and pomegranate orchards.

    You can get away from the daily routine by taking horseback rides, trekking or riding mountain bikes in this area of fabulous natural beauty. You can also meditate in a quiet corner listening to yourself and all of the jubilant sounds of nature or sometimes just the tranquil silence.


    Kemer’s Ancient History dates back to B.C 690, to the foundation of Phaselis Ancient City. In 1910, where Kemer is located now, there was a small town known as Eski Köy(Old Village) and was consist of lakes and marshes due to floods coming from mountains. The  people of Eski Köy did put up a wall 23 km long to protect themselves from floods and because of this wall Eski Köy started to mentioned as Kemer(meaning Arch in Turkish).

    Till 1960’s there were only sea routes to Kemer but after  the “South Antalya Tourism Project”  in 1980, Kemer obtained needed  susbstractures and developed quickly.  Kemer is a adorable holiday village which is located along mediterranean sea and 40 km far from Antalya. While it was a small town back in 80’s, Kemer became one of the best holiday centers of Turkey with new facilities in past 35 years. In 1991 Kemer became a city which has many holiday districts such as Beldibi, Göynük, Çamyuva, Tekirova, Çıralı which are highly important for Turkey’s Tourism.

    With 52 km long coastal stretch on the foothill of West Tauros Mountains Kemer is the most important holiday center of Turkey.


    Many hospitals in Turkey give healt services in many branch such as oncologic treatment, cardiovascular surgery, orthopedy, neurosurgery, pediatric surgery, plastic surgery, oculist and dentist.  In Turkey 42 hospitals has international standart of JCI and it is possible to have treatment from one of them.

    Due to newly constructed private and public hospitals with technological and physical improvments, Kemer provides avantgrade health services. In 2014, 450 thousand patients treated in Turkey and most of them were in Antalya. Especially in transplantation and other treatments Antalya has a good reputation both domestic and abroad.


    Canyoning is one the most fun outdoor sports but it is also very tiring. Due to its nature Kemer is a world-famous canyoning place for canyoning lovers. Especially Göynük attracts a lot of tourist each year and offers an unique experience with hills, chilly waters and perfect places to camp, Canyoning is a must-do thing during your Kemer holiday. It is also possible to find needed equipments in Göynük and if you need the guidance you can try this experience accompany with team of experts.



    Kemer offers a lot of opportunities to trekking lovers. It is possible to find a lot of trekking routes in different difficulties within the mountains that surround Kemer. During your trekking adventure, a perfect view accompany you. Throughout Lycian Way beautiful sea and moutain views within the green forest attracts tourists both from domestic and abroad. Starting from routes located next to Kemer, you can enjoy the views, make camps and listen your soul in the unique nature throughout the summits of Beydağları. Please click to view  trekking map for trekkers.



    Try paragliding and add another adventure to your Kemer holiday and its not an obstacle if you never tried it before. You can always experience this adventure with team of experts. Flying down from Olympos is really an unique adventure. By doing this you will not only see the view from Alanya to Kaş but you will also explore the wild life within the Tahtali Mountain and Beydağları. You will fly down from Taurus Summits to mediterranean sea and enjoy the deep blue color of sea and green of the nature.

    Night Life

    Kemer is also famous with its night life and entertainment places. Kemer hosts some of the best night clubs of Antalya and attracts tourists both domestic and foreign and it is possible to find budget-friendly clubs.

    Kemer’s Night Clubs provide world class service and entertainment and keep Kemer nights alive. With the concerts and festivals they are hosting Kemer’s Night Clubs are the meeting point of different nationalities.

    Wind Surf

    During your Kemer holiday you should try wind surfing and even if you didn’t consider it, we suggest that you should. On the deep blue sea of Kemer accompanied with beautiful view of mountains, you will experience something unique. If you never tried it before, dont worry. It is possible to take surf lessons in Kemer, thus you can learn and enjoy at the same time during your holiday.

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